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Ticket Buying Browsers


Insomniac Browser ($50 per month)



Ticket Broker Forums


Prediction Pros ($3.99 for 15-day trial, then $21.95 per month)

Talk Tix (FREE – It is a useful, fairly active forum)



PDF Tools


Merge & split PDF files (FREE)

URL to PDF Converter (FREE)



eBay Bulk Listing Tools


Rocket Poster (FREE 15-day trial, then either 2% fee or usage based)

List Easy (2% fee per sale)



Seating Chart Databases


Seating Charts (Very complete list)

Seating Info (Not as complete, but useful)

Seats 3D (Has many 3D seating charts)

Seat Data (For sporting events only)



Ticketing Business News





Sound Spike



Cheapest Tickets Search


Ticket Wood

Seat Geek

Unsure what tickets to buy
Event prediction for ticket brokers
List on TicketNetwork!
Consignment service for ticket brokers